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In this course, you will get 5 Full Length Practice Exams with 300 Unique Questions from SalesForce Administration Essentials For Experienced Admins (ADM-211) Exam covering all the topics for the Sales Force ADM-211 Exam.

Updated to latest questions on June 2022.

What do you get in this course?

  1. 5 Full-length mock tests with 60+ Unique Questions in each practice test.
  2. 300 Unique Questions and provided explanations for tricky questions
  3. In-depth and exhaustive explanation for tricky questions
  4. Reliable exam reports to evaluate strengths and weaknesses
  5. Questions are frequently reviewed and updated frequently.
  6. Practice tests are created by Subject Matter Experts and the questions always stay current with the actual exam.
  7. 100% verified answers


Below are the Official Details of ADM-211 Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin Exam :

The Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator credential is designed for those who have advanced-level experience as a Salesforce Administrator.

Candidates should possess broad knowledge of Salesforce applications, regularly configure and manage Salesforce, and continuously look for ways their companies can get even more from additional features and capabilities.

Here are some examples of the concepts you should understand to pass the exam:

  • Leverage the advanced administration capabilities of Salesforce
  • Optimize and extend Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications
  • Design advanced reports, dashboards, and business process automation

Exam Details:

  • 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions* (5 unscored items will be added)
  • 105 minutes allotted to complete the exam (time allows for unscored questions)
  • 65% is the passing score
  • Registration fee is USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • Retake fee is USD 100, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam

Syllabus for ADM-211 Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin Exam :

Troubleshoot Record Access and Field Visibility

  • Troubleshoot record access
  • Understand the impact of territory management on the sharing model
  • Manage field visibility

Change Management

  • Manage changes in a sandbox
  • Deploy changes using change sets Extend Salesforce with Custom Objects and Apps
  • Build custom objects, tabs, and apps
  • Create relationships between objects
  • Use delegated administration

Extend Reporting

  • Create custom report types
  • Build exception reports with cross filters
  • Categorize report data with bucketing
  • Extend summaries in reports and dashboards
  • Display multiple views of data using joined reports
  • Analyze data over time with historical trending and reporting snapshots

Increase Efficiency with Salesforce Mobile App and Quick Actions

  • Customize the Salesforce mobile app
  • Create object-specific quick actions
  • Creating global quick actions Improve Data Quality
  • Assess, cleanse, and maintain data quality
  • Prevent duplicate records using Duplicate Management

Automate Complex Business Processes

  • Use validation rules, formula fields, workflow rules, and Process Builder to enforce and automate business processes

Streamline Requests with Approval Processes

  • Manage approval processes
  • Troubleshooting approval processes

Increase Productivity with Visual Workflow

  • Understand use cases for Visual Workflow
  • Build and deploy a flow

Extend and Troubleshoot Business Process Automation

  • Understand when to use Apex and Visualforce for extending business process automation.
  • Understand the order of execution for automated processes.
  • Use debug logs to troubleshoot business process issues.

À qui ce cours s’adresse-t-il ?

  • Anyone wanting to test their knowledge before taking the official Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins (ADM211)
  • New system administrators responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s Salesforce applications
  • Other groups that would benefit from deepening their knowledge of Salesforce, including power users, sales operations, and IT managers

Course Curriculum

Part 1 : ADM-211: Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin Popular
Part 1 : ADM-211: Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin Popular 01:00:00
Part 2 : ADM-211: Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin Popular
Part 2 : ADM-211: Administration Essentials for Experienced Admin Popular 00:59:00

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