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Sample Questions:

Anita wants to control the server 8-3 that runs IBM Domino to the Microsoft Windows 2008 operating system so that agents take more CPU resources than a certain threshold. How could I have left this monitor?

Allowing you to write the agent event controller

Allow the Domain code domain monitoring probe (DDM)

The probe allows to execute the operating system in domain monitoring domain (DDM)

Allow Domino event generator statistics for Agent Manager, process CPU


Olivia needs to install multiple widgets of the widget catalog. How can you configure the widget directory on your IBM Notes client?

On the Tools menu, select “Directory Settings” in the submenu widgets

Open the Widget catalog and click on the “Directory Settings” action form

On the Work Space tab, drag the folder icon on the side bar panel of the widget “My widgets

Right-click on the “My Widgets” panel and choose Settings from the Menu Options Catalog


In this popular configuration management process, it guarantees that you change the changes to the email and application servers in a circular pattern and a central administration server in the center. What is the name of this topology?



Tubular tires

Hub and spoke


How to synchronize the Internet password with the IBM Notes client password so that all users in the organization include?

Include Notes-Internet Synchronization in Person’s Document Passwords

Include Notes: Internet Synchronization Configurations Desktop Password Policies

Include Notes-Online Synchronization Password Password Security Policy Configuration Notes:

Enable Internet password synchronization server configuration in the document


The IBM Notes client includes contacts in the names.nsf file. At user contacts, to be available when using inotes, what preferences should be allowed?

Replication contacts

synchronize contacts

Turning Names for Inotes

Update contacts on the server.


The Safety Policy of Lauren Company is to prevent them from embedded in local databases. What local encryption, select the database reflects your security policy?

strong encryption

Simple encryption

Medium encryption

Do not encrypt the local database.


Which of the following is a function of the security identification vault?

ID Vault protects against unauthorized password reset

Only one VAULT ID server can be existed in the IBM Domino domain

Any designated auditor function can extract files from the VAULT ID ID.

ID Vault synchronizes new passwords with IBM Notes and IBM Inotes.


To configure and enable messages liability downloads in the Notes client administrator to IBM, you must create a policy document or use an existing policy document. What is the next step to create a disclaimer message?

Creating a workspace policy on your desk

Creation of a mail configuration of policy documents

Add a message of failure to the notes.ini

Add the fault message and configure it to a permitted permission


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Part 1 : C2040-442 IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals
Part 1 : C2040-442 IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals 00:50:00
Part 2 : C2040-442 IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals
Part 2 : C2040-442 IBM Notes and Domino Fundamentals 00:50:00

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