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The first course

online of talend data integration ETL & Qlikview  Reporting

  • Course online for Business intelligence and talend data integration & Qlikview
  • To realize a project professional business intelligence (Talend, QlikView, Mysql, Oracle, Sql server) in a few days only. 
  • To realize your final project of study in business intelligence 
  • Become an expert on ETL Talend data integration and create reporting on Qlikview
  • Prepare certification for Talend Data integration, through more than 100 questions and answers 
  • Succeed your job interview about business intelligence (Talend data integration) 
  • Obtain certification for  course accelerated practical “Talend Expert & Qlikview”

To learn:

  • Creation of ETL Flows (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) under Talend Open Studio 
  • Creation of routines
  • Creation of contexts 
  • Modeling and creation of DataMarts and Data Warehouse
  • Analysis of functional and technical needs Mapping between Talend Data Integration components
  • Work with Oracle, Mysql and SqlServer databases
  • Business Models
  • Talend Data Integration jobs and components
  • Joins 
  • Functions
  • Deployment and job execution outside talend 
  • Dashboard creation with Qlikview
  • Creation of a professional Business Intelligence project
  • Creation of your final assignment project report 
  • Final assignment project report and BI presentation 
  • Questions asked by jury members
  • ………

Who is concerned about this course?

  • This Courseis for engineers BI & developers database, project managers BI , Architects, Administrators and anyone wishing to learn BI or Business Intelligence: Talend data integration and Qlikview, Mysql, SqlServer and Oracle.


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